Dev Blog #1 [Your Life]Reading Time: 1 Minutes

This is the first Dev Blog on this site! Actually, at old website,, I’m at #5 but I don’t really care because that site is so ugly so I’m gonna start over.

So, in this Dev Blog, I’m gonna talk about Your Life. The development has been really great. Not really about 3 days ago though because I stuck at the bank. The withdraw mechanic is more broken than Malaysia’s government…….


Whenever I withdraw $50, the account savings money suddenly set to 0, which is pretty stupid because it actually have $150 in it so it should be $100 but nope, the stupid withdraw system that created by me is broken.


But, after all that, I actually finished the thing! Wooh! But still, there’s a bug here and there on withdraw. Really frustrating…


Here is the picture of Convenience Store:


That is actually the food section.


Also, I planned to put credit/debit card but obviously, not in this first, broken version. And, there’s actually a black market┬ábut I replace it with the bank. Other than that, the office is supposed to be two and fight with each other but I replace the green office to Hospital but will not be available in this v0.0.1 alpha version that I will release online.


I guess that’s it… So, bye-bye!