Dev Blog #2 [YOUR LIFE]Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Hello again. In five-six days, I’ve fixed 95% of the withdraw system. Finally~~~ Right now, there’s only one thing to do. That is, MEET BOSS. Right now, there is only one feature that working as it should that is Flatter. Obviously, the flatter mechanic is flattering the boss. There’re only two results, plus 200 if the flattering is a success and subtract 100 if the flattering is failed.


Here is the screenshot:

The Meet Boss room
Failed flattering


It’s random between failure and success but fails is appearing more than success. Work layout is also working really great. There are 10 promotions so yeah… starting from receptionist.


I only concentrate on work for now but now it’s finished, I think I’m gonna concentrate on Salary and maybe polish flattering up a little bit.