Dev Blog #3Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Right now, I’m doing two things instead of one. One, updating and checking Your Life. Another one is, designing a new game. This new game is a life simulation too but instead of life like Your Life, this new game focuses on school! I still don’t know yet whether to make it from kindergarten or straight to high or maybe primary school.


While designing the school game and updating Your Life, out of nowhere, I created Eazy Tools(soft launch). It’s actually for me(in-house) but I guess “Hey, it’s working pretty good so how about just release it?” and that’s why I released it but I don’t really care about it so I’m not gonna update it or anything.


Your Life has a lot of bugs! Really annoying… anyway, the known bugs is:


  • Not saves! Oh! That’s horrible!
  • The music not looping! What a waste of resource!
  • Energy, Hunger and Happiness bar colours at Office is not working nicely. It’s fixed though.
  • TV does not work[Works on my phone, does not at my Galaxy Tab 7.0]

Anyway, out of that 4 known bugs, only one has been fixed. I’m also fixing the button’s text’s positioning.


Anyway, I don’t have the new game screenshots yet because I’m in designing the stage but, trust me, just after the designing stage, I will post it here.


Finally, thanks for reading!