Dev Blog #7Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Eight days ago, 10/2/2018, I wrote that I’m in planning some shooter game and planning some things right? Well, I canceled that game because I really, really do not enjoyed while making the game. I just love making simulation than other genre. Simulation felt better for some reason. Heh… really weird.


I also locked out from my website these 2 days. That is because I forgot what my password is and also my server’s password. Heh… really stupid of me. Now everything is okay again.


I’m not planning anything right now and that is because my PC had a virus and it’s a really bad one too. It’s viruses. Stupid virus. Maybe I will format my PC in a hour or two. Don’t know yet whether I want to do it or not… Well, after thinking about it for 5 minutes. Yeah, I will format my PC. Now, I’m backing up some important stuffs.


Near my home, it appears that some retards cannot understand that people wants to sleep… They play fireworks like there’s no tomorrow. Huh…


Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese!