Dev Blog #8Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Hello! About 2-3 weeks ago, I wrote a program to keep track how much I used certain apps, well, that is really off topic about my in-progress game but, what do I care? Heh.



Google – 34.5 HOURS

Spotify – 28.8 HOURS

Game Engine – 20.1 HOURS

Okay, now, that is really weird. Well, here is the update on my game.


I keep changing the game’s genre these 2-3 weeks but now I finally made my decision to go with simulation game about open your own… I don’t know yet but maybe a bookstore. Who knows. There will be a lot of things going on at the same time. This is gonna be a bit larger than Your Life and this is gonna be MOREĀ complicated thanĀ Your Life.


Another thing is, the game is gonna be perfectly safe(If you haven’t read the #7, click here) from viruses.


My target platform for this game is Kongregate. I want to release at Steam and Google Play, but, I don’t know yet. But the main platform is Kongregate. The game’s name is… Well, I don’t know yet but for now, the name is The Shop.


This is number #8 Dev Blogs already. Hehe. #10 is gonna be the milestone for this website.


Right now, I’m making the Pause Menu. And it looks like this:



Well, it looks like a mobile game, right? Well, I do consider to release to mobile so, I just made the menu like this so I don’t need to change it. And it looks consistent too if I don’t change it. TL;DR, it’s mobile friendly.

If I want to publish to Steam, I need to prepare some money to do it. In case you don’t know, I’m a student. I still rely on my parents. So, maybe I need to get a job or something. And, in my country, the money value is kinda low… so, I need about RM100+ to paid the Google Play $25 entrance fee. Really expensive. But, I still hope that I can release on Steam!


Well, I guess that’s it! Bye!