Dev Blog #9 [The Shop]Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Hello! Starting this dev blog, I will post in 1-2 days! And new format! When the only milestone post like… #10, #20 and so on only get this format. But because I’m too dumb to realize that this Dev Blog is number #9, it’s ok then. For under #10, #9 is the milestone BUT next time, the milestone is gonna be number #20, #30 and so on. And not number #29, #39 or something.


Okay, I want to tell you about this bug that is really… annoying… it’s only a minor bug but still annoying. Well, before that, I will tell you a little about my game. It will have three options for the game speed. Normal, Fast and Really Fast speed. Okay? Understand? Great!

Well, when you are done saving the game, maybe you want to exit, right? Well, it’s okay, please do if you want. Then, you’ll like “Huh. I hate my saved game. I want to start a new one.” Well, okay. If you really want. Do it. But before that, you chose Really Fast Speed before you saved the old save. And then you start a new game. What happens? Well, the speed becomes the Fast speed! Wow… that’s not good. Why it’s so fast?

Well, you can change it manually by pressing the number one(1) key on your keyboard or go to the settings but that is a pretty pain in the ass, really.

Well… It’s okay I guess because it’s pretty minor. But still, I do still finding the way to fix it.

My game, for now, has been working pretty well! The FPS(Frame-Per-Second) IF NOT 60, it’ll be 55-56 or something but it’s still pretty high. The zooming feature is working surprisingly well too! I thought it’s gonna slows the game but it’s alright. The zooming is also really smooth too.

The game’s gonna be in 2D ISOMETRIC. I love Isometric! It’s good and pretty! Well… it’s harder to make though.

Zooming the game can be done by pressing the (-) or (=) on your keyboard or just use the mouse middle button scrolling feature. Either way, it works really well.


ADD – Zooming

ADD  Pause menu

ADD – Settings

ADD – In-game calendar

ADD – Saving game

FIX – The sounds looping endlessly



Well, zooming is zooming. You can zoom by scrolling the middle mouse’s button or press the (-) or (=) to zoom in or zoom out.

Here is the GIF when zooming is in action:

Zooming using mouse

pause menu

The pause menu is exactly the same as the image I showed you on Dev Blog #8. Too lazy to even go there? Well… here is the picture of it:

The pause menu


The settings have three things in it. Whether you want the game to hide or show the FPS(Frame-Per-Second), the game speed(You can change it from the three options that available. Normal, Fast and Really Fast game speed.) and reset the game. Here is the picture of it:

The in-game settings menu


The in-game calendar is the… well… calendar. Not really a calendar… Well, you know some game have a time that… okay… ever play Game Dev Tycoon? Well… it has its own in-game calendar right? What year you in right now, what month you in right now and so on. Yeah. This game has it too. Here is the GIF when the calendar is in action:

In-game calendar

As you can see, the FPS is not really stable. That is because I’m recording the screen while playing my game so it’s not really fast like it should. And my PC is not that good either.

At the WEEKS bar, there is 4 square thingy there. One square thingy is considered one week so it means, that the week thingy must be more than 4 weeks to add one to month. So, whenever you reached four weeks, the game’s gonna add one to month. And when your month has finished the 12th month, it will add one to year.


Saving the game is pretty straightforward hence I’m not gonna explain this very detailed. Its job is to save the game.


It sounds and not music. The SFX loops endlessly and I fixed that. I accidentally made the SFX loops.


I’m gonna start to use this kind of format everytime the Dev Blog is has added 10. For example #20, #30 and so on. The normal Dev Blogs… Like number #11, #16, etc will stay like it should. Stays short and what happens but in a really short way and not like this Dev Blog.

Hope you like this kind of thing! Also, you follow the game’s roadmap here: Click Here! [TRELLO]